Consulting Services

Since 2015, Sparkman & Associates, LLC has been proving comprehensive services to organizations and firms that require high-integrity processes and products to meet government and industry regulations and best practices. We have proven successes in consulting services for organizations that acquire, develop, or use software. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in software engineering, software development, and quality assurance to deliver top-notch services such as:

  • Establishing nuclear quality programs
  • Applying ASME NQA-1 to research and development
  • Performing commercial-grade dedication for computer programs
  • One-on-one mentoring on quality assurance and software engineering
  • Developing independent software test programs

What Sets Us Apart

At Sparkman & Associates, LLC, we take great pride in our team. Each individual has vast experience in the industry. This enables us to provide our clients with informative one-on-one mentoring sessions. Aside from this, we offer training courses to those who want to learn more about quality assurance.